Last Call: September 25, 2021

Good evening, News Viewers and Happy Last Saturday of September; they year has flown by!

So, I’m sure many have you noticed that several websites that use Disqus as their commenting platform have been attacked by porn spam. Do me a favor, please. If one should actually have the ‘pleasure’ of getting one of her comments to post on any of our threads, don’t reply to the thing; simply flag the comment and one of us will remove it and ban the bimbo in the process.

I’ve spent the last few days tracking them down and blocking them, as in you can’t even view News. But what has cracked me up is knowing that some ‘fullish’ MAGAt spends pretty much all of his day, evening, and night fake IP shopping trying to lurk on News Views because he’s that ‘board,’ man. 😂 😂 😂. Take up golf or something, ‘fullish’ MAGAt; leave the grown-ups alone.

But enough about that. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I’ll be gone for a bit; going out to dinner with Mr. G. He worked late yesterday so we postponed our normal Friday night dinner date to Saturday. I hope I can last because I’m as tired AF.

I’ve spent the day digging up a ton of irises to separate and transplant them elsewhere. As it stands, I’ve already given some away to a few neighbors and have a few bags for my sister in laws. I would give the daughter in law I like a bag of them but my son claims they have too many plants. What does that even mean? You can never have too many plants! He claims their yard looks like a nursery, which he, my husband, other son, and my mother claim my yard does. I just love plants and have a bunch of them both in and outside. Oh, and those irises? That was just in one section of my front and back yard. I still have another ton in another part of my front yard and on the side of my house. Oh, good times! More playing in the mud and preparing all of them for their new home, which I have yet to figure out.

See ‘fullish’ MAGAt? There’s another hobby to immerse yourself in as opposed to trying to lurk on News Views 24/7.; planting stuff year round. Get a green house. Just leave the adults alone.

Be safe everyone and make sure you mask up, especially around ‘fullish’ MAGAts and others that refuse to get vaccinated.

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