USPS Deliveries Will Take Longer Starting This Week

Will Increase Reliability Consistency, and Efficiency

The new service standards mean USPS will increase the delivery time for 39% of First-Class mail and 93% of periodicals like magazines.

USPS will increase transit time by 1 to 2 days for First-Class mail traveling longer distances.

USPS says if it would take you more than a day to drive your mail to its destination, it is likely going to take the extra two days to get delivered, so plan ahead.


From the USPS Press Release

The service standard changes are part of our balanced and comprehensive Delivering for America Strategic Plan and will improve service reliability and predictability for customers and enhance the efficiency of the Postal Service network. The service standard changes that we have determined to implement are a necessary step towards achieving our goal of consistently meeting 95 percent service performance.

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