Arrested in Suspicious SUV Outside Supreme Court: ‘The Time for Talking is Done’

“This morning at about 9:30 a.m., a man pulled his SUV up in front of the Supreme Court,” Deputy Chief Jason Bell told reporters during a press conference. “It was illegally parked. Our officers immediately responded. The man refused to talk, made a statement to the effect of, ‘The time for talking is done.’”

“The man was refusing to speak, and at approximately 11 o’clock, our teams moved in and removed him from the vehicle and placed him under arrest,” Bell added. “At this time, no weapons have been found. It is currently under investigation, and it’s still an active crime scene.”

The suspect is Dale Paul Melvin, from Kimball, Michigan, he is 55.

Court records from St. Clair County, which includes that town, show several alleged traffic violations and one domestic violence case under that name.


Good report from Pete Williams.

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