UPDATE: GOP Lawmaker Says COVID Deaths Are a Vatican Plot —

And Vaccines Contain ‘Living Organisms With Tentacles’  !

New Hampshire Gov. (R) Chris Sununu joined top State House Democrats in calling for Rep. (R) Ken Weyler to lose his position as the House’s top budget writer due to the Republican from Kingston’s continued spread of COVID-19 misinformation.

An email from Rep. (R) Ken Weyler contained a 52-page “report” with disinformation on COVID-19, including claims that “unknown, octopus-like creatures are being injected into millions of children worldwide.”

The report also made claims that 5G technology had somehow been inserted into the vaccine to control people’s thoughts and called the pope and others “at the top” of the Roman Catholic Church “satanists” and “luciferans” for backing public health measures. The report additionally made the wild suggestion that the babies of vaccinated parents in Mexico were “transhuman”—born with “pitch-black eyes” and undergoing accelerated aging.


The Daily Beast

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