Ohio Men Arrested, 1 Tased During Bridal Party Brawl in Girard

Mahoning Country Club

A day that began with the promise of marital bliss instead ended in marital blitz after a fight broke out during a wedding at the Mahoning Country Club on Friday.

A security guard told officers that the fight broke out after several groomsmen were overheard saying that the best man, who was the brother of the groom, had slept with the bride, according to the police report.

The groom overheard the conversation and a fight broke out, the report stated. The brother then joined the groom in the fight, according to the report.

Witnesses said several of the bridesmaids got in a fight with each other as well, according to the police report.

✱The fight occurred Friday night at the Mahoning County Country Club.

✱Girard is located immediately north of Youngstow

✱There was no word if the bride and groom consummated the blessed event.



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