Schumer Takes GOP Heat After Debt Ceiling Crisis Averted

Late Thursday the Senate passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling until December on a 50-48 vote. No Republicans voted for the measure, but several — including Mitch McConnell — did join Democrats to advance the bill to a vote.

Majority Leader Schumer took to the podium afterward to praise the move, but blasted Republicans as “a first-ever, Republican-manufactured default on the national debt” was avoided.

Republicans were not happy, and especially not Joe Manchin.

Manchin got up and walked away, and later spoke with reporters about how mean Schumer was.

Several other Republicans hounded Schumer afterward, including John Thune and Mitt Romney.

Susan Collins chased Schumer into the cloakroom while chewing him new body parts.

Lindsey Graham summarized it by saying,  “Listen, they kicked our ass and we have no one to blame but ourselves.” 

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