Ohio School Board Meeting Meltdown: Ten year-old student ‘schools’ anti-maskers-‘Please be quiet. It’s inappropriate’

Looks like a 5th grader is smarter than the average 'fullish' MAGAt

Another school board meeting about mask mandates went off the rails on Wednesday; this time, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Ten year-old Kaylan Park decided she wasn’t going to let anti-maskers get away with their bullying, junk science, and general nonsense.

Before taking the podium, Ms. Park witnessed several anti-maskers who oppose the district’s mask mandate interrupt, shout down, boo, and heckle other pro-mask speakers. A couple of the anti-maskers ended up walking out of the meeting in anger.

When it was her turn to speak, she began by telling her audience:

“It is super weird to be here because adults don’t think that their children should wear masks,” Kaylan said when it was her turn to speak.  “…A lot of you guys are adults. You guys should be able to know that masks save lives.”

When some audience members voiced disagreement, Kaylan responded: “Can I please speak? Let me speak before you guys go off.”

Her demand was met with applause.

But some audience members continued talking, which prompted Kaylan to say emphatically: “Please be quiet…It’s inappropriate that you guys can’t stay quiet.”

Kaylan, who was wearing a mask bearing the message “Masks Save Lives,” noted that donning a face covering is an act of kindness toward others.

Akron Beacon Journal:

“If you can’t take it from an adult, kids have to step in,” Park said. “You’re just saving lives and kids they should know, it’s just, like, kindness.”


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