Liveblog - In case you missed it: Headlines 10/12/21

With so many crazy things happening, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  Here are some headlines that you may find interesting and worth discussing. Please feel free to post ‘headlines’ you would like to share that we may have missed.

President Biden/Biden Administration:

Biden’s Approval Ratings Bounce Back As Summer COVID Surge Slows: Poll

8 Percent of U.S. Adults Receiving Government Food Assistance, Down From 14 Percent in 2020

Homeland Security secretary orders ICE to stop mass raids on immigrants’ workplaces

Border Officials Brace for Potential ‘Mother of All Caravans’ Assembling in Mexico

The Redheaded Badass:


Pelosi says proposal to take debt ceiling authority away from Congress ‘has merit’

Pelosi’s trip to Rome was disrupted by violent anti-vaccine mandate protests

GOP ramps up attacks on IRS proposal for spending package

GOP lawmakers introduce measure in support of Columbus Day

Pelosi ‘disappointed’ Democrats are shrinking $3.5 trillion social safety net bill

Pelosi said she hopes Democrats won’t have to cut programs such as universal pre-K and elder care because of the lower cost.


U.S. Supreme Court rejects case involving Trump-aligned lawyer Eastman


NPR poll: The delta surge pushed Americans further behind in all walks of life

The Covid vaccine doesn’t cause infertility, but the disease might

The symptoms of Covid-19 could affect both male and female fertility in different ways. 

Should’ve Got the Vaccine:

Parent sues Wisconsin school district after son gets COVID-19, allegedly from classmate

Breakthrough infections might not be a big transmission risk. Here’s the evidence

Should’ve Listened to Dr. Fauci Instead of an Illiterate, Ignorant, Racist, and ‘Fullish’ MAGAt:

How to Trigger a ‘Fullish’ MAGAt: Remind him that Youngstown, Ohio, considers racism a public health crisis. Make the call and get help!

Policing in the USA:

Boston police arrested a Black man having a stroke. After $1.3 million payout, it’s unclear if anything’s changed

Once hailed as “the best police chief in America,” Art Acevedo is suspended in Miami

The American Taliban/White ISIS/Wing Nuts/MAGAts/GUNZ!:

MAGAts React to Jon Gruden Getting Cancelled:

Ohio’s ‘Finest:’

The Former Guy:

Donald Trump to Sell D.C. Hotel After Records Show Millions in Revenue Loss

State Dept. investigating whether Trump officials took gifts meant for foreign dignitaries

The dollar value of the missing gifts is “significant,” a department official told NBC.

Trump Compares NYC to ‘Communist Countries’ After De Blasio Cuts Contract With Golf Course

State News:

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that New York health care workers may continue to seek religious exemptions from statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandates amid an ongoing lawsuit.

Texas removes LGBT youth resource page after complaint from Abbott challenger

Election workers accused of shredding voter applications

High-schoolers tracked a wolf pack for years. The feds killed eight of the pups, conservationists say.

Other News:

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