Drunk Pastor Allegedly Tried to Kill Two Deputies by Ramming Car into Their Vehicle


Deputies said they got a call about David Jones, a pastor at the Hilton Oaks Baptist Church in the city of Ferndale Michigan, doing something suspicious on Oct. 6 at a convenience store, according to WDIV. Authorities arrived, but Jones allegedly did not cooperate. He drove his car across a busy street and rammed it into a business. From there, he’s accused of ramming the deputies’ vehicle.

“He struck their building, turned his vehicle towards deputies, accelerated, smashing our patrol car.  “Luckily our deputies were not injured.” said local resident Mayuri Bharathan.

“They tell you what to do, then they go off and do their own thing,” said Geraldine Beguhn, a neighbor. “And they probably feel because of their position in the community, they can get away with some of this stuff.”

The pastor refused to get out his vehicle so police had to smash his windows to get him out of the car.

The man of God has had eight prior drinking and driving offenses. 

The preacher’s last offense was in August.

The pastor is currently locked up on charges including two counts of attempted homicide, a count of fleeing and eluding, and operating while intoxicated (third offense). He is held on a $1 million bond.



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