Georgia judge dismisses case alleging election fraud in Fulton County; the Former Guy has a meltdown

Superior Court Judge Brian Amero dismissed a lawsuit brought forth by a bunch of MAGAts who ‘sought to inspect absentee ballots from last year’s presidential election.’ His decision to dismiss the case came a day after ‘Georgia investigators told the court they were unable to find any counterfeit ballots.’

According to AJC,:

The judge’s order is the latest in a series of decisions against supporters of the former Republican president who have asked the courts to help them pursue suspicions of fraud or reverse the results of the election.

State election officials have said there’s no indication of fraud after three ballot counts and multiple investigations. In last year’s presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden defeated Trump in Georgia by about 12,000 votes.

Though Amero’s decision was based on the legal principle of standing — the plaintiffs hadn’t suffered a specific injury that would give them a right to sue — he reviewed the evidence before making his ruling.

Shortly after hearing the news that Georgia will not engage in any fraudit, the Former Guy asked his stooge, Liz Harrington, to tweet out a statement on his behalf since he’s banned from Twitter. Feel free to report the tweet since it’s misleading about the 2020 election and TFG is doing what so many MAGAts try to do…circumvent a ban.,

***Depending on how many MAGAts live to see the 2022 or even the 2024 election, since they refuse to get vaccinated, opting out of participating in either or both elections won’t be a bad thing.

Of course, Georgia’s ‘finest,’ Empty G, spoke out about the judge’s decision to dismiss the case on the ‘esteemed’ Steve Bannon’s podcast then conflated a bunch of unrelated stuff that made her appear even more unhinged, unfocused, and just a mental mess.

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