Coffee Talk

Good morning, NewsViewers, welcome back to another edition of Coffee Talk, where you can wake up with us regardless of your level of divine caffeination.

Once again, you’ve entered a free chat zone, where it’s acceptable to kvetch about the daily grind, show off your comedic chops, or give your regional meteorlogic circumstances.  You’ve got options here with us at Coffee Talk.

And if you’re sleep deprived, not a morning person, or just slow to jostle the synapses, Coffee Talk features a suggested topic to discuss amongst yourselves, at least until the java juices are flowing.  It’s up to you.

So schlep that mug on over to the keyboard……..

Today’s Topic:

Eric Clapton is one of the latest entertainers to step out of line and be castigated for his politically motivated choices and past commentary.  Eric Clapton, once a revered blues guitarist, is vocally anti-vax and donating to the cause.  Past racist behavior and comments are being brought up.

Who surprised you — as an entertainer, musician, actor, etc. — when their behaviors or politics spoiled your previous admiration?

Or if there were no surprises, is there someone you admire for taking an admirable stance in a public platform? Or do you feel entertainers need to stay in their lane?

Chat it up, NewsViewers. On topic, or off –enjoy some coffee talk, maybe with a side of pumpkin muffin, and a little dab of “buttah.”