Senator Miss Lindsey Graham declares tens of thousands of Brazilian immigrants ‘wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags’ are headed for Connecticut

Miss Lindsey took to many GQPers favorite ‘news’ show, Hannity, to make the outlandish claim that thousands Brazilians illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and headed to Connecticut “wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags.”

The fanatical, hyperbolic, and oftentimes misinformed Graham recently did a photo-op traveled to the border in Arizona and claimed to have witnessed, “…40,000 Brazilians come through the Yuma Sector alone headed for Connecticut wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags. This is not economic migration anymore.”

“People see an open America,” he continued. “They’re taking advantage of us. And it won’t be long before a terrorist gets in this crowd.”

In an interview with The Washington Post on Wednesday, Graham elaborated on his comments.

“Usually when you go to the border, you see people who are dressed really haggardly and who look like they’ve been through hell,” he said. “This time at Yuma, there were dozens that looked like they were checking into a hotel — and smartly dressed.”

“This is something new,” he added. “I would advise the Biden administration to do what the Obama administration did and fly them back.”

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For context:

Border patrol has seen an influx of Brazilian, Venezuelan, and Cuban migrants as of late. They have detained many Brazilian migrants who have left the region that is still “struggling to get control of the coronavirus pandemic and high unemployment.” However, none of the luggage the migrants carried in the photos provided to The Post appeared to be Gucci. Brazilian migration to the United States has increased significantly since 2018, when right-wing politician Jair Bolsonaro was elected president.

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