Florida Man Repeatedly Sexually Assaults a Horse Named Mariah

Catherine Engel’s barn, the scene of the crime

A Florida man reportedly confessed last week that he’d sneaked into a barn late at night to mount a horse named Mariah — and he wasn’t sure how many times. The admission came when Indian River County Sheriffs went to question Santiago Victoria, 57, about the alleged sexual assaulted.

Victoria was ultimately arrested on three felony counts of burglary, according to the Smoking Gun. The crime site also reports Victoria was ordered to stay clear of the 5-acre property where Mariah lives with the horse’s owner, who’d set-up the cameras that allegedly caught the animal molester in the act. The suspect was reportedly filmed accosting the filly on three separate occasions in a very short amount of time.

After finding bungee chords and ropes she couldn’t explain around the neck of one of her horses, Mariah’s owner Catherine Engel set up surveillance equipment in her stables on Sept. 18. Shortly after 11 p.m. that day, according to police, Santiago sneaked in and got “behind the horse in a sexual manner.”

NY Daily

The victim

According to The Smoking Gun and the police report:

“Victoria enters the barn shirtless, walks past three stalls, (and) makes his way into Mariah’s stall.” 

This time, he allegedly spent 30 minutes behind that horse “while holding onto her hips with both hands.”

“Victoria is again observed getting behind the horse in a sexual manner rocking his body back and forth while standing behind (Mariah).”

Victoria was video taped with with his pants around his ankles, penetrating the animal.

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