Free Chat Friday, Week 41

Happy Friday for the 41st time this year! Wow, that’s astounding to think we have 11 weeks left of what’s turned out to be just another year of pandemic pandemonium.

So much to look forward to in those coming 11 weeks with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and an Election Day thrown in, too. So many holidays, so much merchandise floating off the California coast as the war on Christmas heats up again.

It’s Free Chat Friday, and it’s a FCF sans the lovely Rachel, who successfully was inoculated with a booster shot (woot-woot!) and is enjoying the build-up of antibodies — but not so much the side effects. The NewsViews team sends their warm wishes for a speedy recovery down in the holler.

Chat away, friends, and drop your thoughts here as we look back on the 41st week, and look forward to the weekend.