Last Call: October 16, 2021

Is there such a thing as frost on the pumpkins? Does it exist? I always heard the saying, especially from my father but he grew up in Michigan and that is waaaay too cold for me. But, I’ve never seen frost on any pumpkins and today, the temperature reached 82 degrees so, definitely, no frost on any pumpkins but….next week, we should get some much needed rain.

I did go out back early this morning and it was a blistering 45 degrees and brought in a few plants that show signs of, “it’s too freaking cold out here! We want warmth!”

That, in itself, will prove interesting since I have no clue where I will store the other plants (my jungle) that crave warmth until I get and set up my greenhouse next month.

So, what’s going on in your neck of the woods? My husband and I took turns cleaning up the backyard from the highwinds we had earlier this week. It’s like every leaf in a ten mile radius found its way to my patio.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend; they go by so fast. Please mask up, especially when encountering those ‘fullish’ MAGAts.

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