Dan Bongino Threatens to Quit Radio Over Vaccine Mandate

Dan Bongino, conservative pundit, hosts a daily radio show at radio network Westwood One, in what was once Rush Limbaugh’s previous time slot of noon-3pm. The show has shown “impressive growth” in reaching over 300 stations, setting Bongino up to be the next Rushbo.

Now Bongino is threatening to walk away from it all, as he takes exception to a vaccine mandate imposed by Cumulus Media, Westwood One’s owner. The media corporation CEO gave September 27 as a cut off date for all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for a return to the work office.

Several radio hosts have already quit or have been fired for their preference to remain unvaccinated.

Bongino is a former Secret Service agent and New York City cop who found popularity in conservative media in the era of the Former Guy.

Bongino was fully vaccinated on the advice of his doctors because he has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but says he is objecting to the mandate on behalf of other rank-and-file employees.

Bongino’s show is also simulcast on Fox Nation, and he also hosts a show on the Fox network on Saturdays.

Bongino has not called out Fox for their policies that do not mandate a vaccine, yet require employees to test on a daily basis if not fully vaccinated. A memo from Fox stated that 90% of their employees are vaccinated.

When outspoken critic of vaccine mandates and Fox mouthpiece Tucker Carlson was asked about the Fox policy he didn’t have a clear position.

“I’m not qualified to speak for the company on this,” Carlson said, “because I don’t run the company. I’m just an employee of the company. My personal preference is that Fox News would make a statement about what their policies are, but I think, like a lot of companies, they’re hesitant to do that, because, like, why would you even want to get involved in that conversation?”

Washington Post