In Case You Are Interested: Meet your average, Trump rally going MAGAt

John Klepper from the Daily Show attended the Former Guy’s(TFG) rally in Iowa so you wouldn’t have to. Before the rally began, John spoke with several, diehard MAGAts who think TFG is president. One actually ‘thinks’ TFG is flying around the world on Air Force One.

“The MAGA faithful expressed their support for the former president in all the totally normal ways,” he said. “With Confederate flags in Iowa and images of Trump on a velociraptor with a machine gun.”

Klepper found Trump supporters in middle finger T-shirts who griped about the lack of civility and respect, QAnon believers with wild conspiracy theories and one MAGA fan who insisted that they aren’t part of a cult.

When Klepper asked which Trump comments she likes best, she replied: “Whatever he spews out of his mouth, I just love it.”

“Not a cult at all,” Klepper summed up:

-Huffington Post:

Enjoy a bit of early morning, comic relief:

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