Evangelical Pastor Rick Wiles: Covid Vaccines Have ‘an Egg That Hatches into a Synthetic Parasite and Grows in Your Body’

“This is a global coup d’état by the most evil cabal of people on the planet in the history of mankind. And if it’s not stopped in the very near future, they will win. That’s what at stake. Control of the world.”

“They’re planting, they’re putting eggs in people’s bodies. If you didn’t see yesterday’s TruNews, you need to watch it. It’s an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite. It grows inside your body. This is like a sci-fi nightmare, and it’s happening right in front of us.”

Wiles has a whole litany of nutty claims in regards to COVID. In October of last year, he claimed that then-President Trump’s COVID infection was actually an assassination attempt.

“I do believe that,” Wiles declared. “I believe that they used a miniature drone that was weaponized to spray an aerosol in the Rose Garden.”


Back in June, Pastor Rick Wiles was hospitalized with COVID-19. Wiles’ wife, daughter-in-law, and four other family members also got COVID. Previously he said that vaccination efforts were part of a “mass death campaign. 

“This was a full-frontal hit from Hell on your TruNews family,” Wiles wrote. “Because Jesus Christ lives in us, we shall live too. Your prayers needed for the above family members and team.

“Thanks to Jesus Christ, I survived the CCP Covid genocide on the American people,” he added, apparently referring to the Chinese Communist Party.

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