Free Chat Friday, Week 42

Good morning News Viewers and Happy Friday; I’m writing from a cloudy and rainy Washington state where I’m visiting the youngest and his spouse AND where I attended 7th and 8th grade back in the day. Funny thing — regardless of the upheaval and chaos we’re living through, the wars and rumors of wars, the plagues and protests, the music, the tech, I see Mt. Rainier appears unchanged…..I saw it from my childhood window as my son sees it now; I saw it masked up and vaxxed from the air on a flight that resembled a Greyhound Bus with wings, so lumbering, crowded, and grody. . . .Believe me, Rainier has aged more gracefully than the airlines. . . .

Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee

So I’ve been out of touch this week at least from the immediacy of the news— it’s been replaced by the constancy of Rainier, and there is comfort in that. . . .But enough about me— what’s going on with you? This is Free Chat— whatcha got?