Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick paid out his first voter fraud bounty to a progressive poll worker in Pennsylvania who caught a Republican voting illegally

One week after the presidential election in 2020 where President Joe Biden toppled former President Donald Trump, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick set a bounty of up to $1 million to anyone who could find instances of voter fraud in the US.

Eleven months later, Patrick’s finally doled out his first reward: the minimum amount of $25,000 to a progressive poll worker in Pennsylvania who turned in a man that voted twice, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The poll worker, identified as Eric Frank, told the publication that he received only received the minimum bounty reward because he was told greater rewards were reserved for “bigger fish.”

Frank submitted a violation by Ralph Thurman, a 72-year-old Republican man who pleaded guilty in September of this year to voting twice: once under his name and once using the name of his Democratic-aligned son.

Thurman received three years of probation and is barred from voting for four years.

Source: Business Insider

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