GUNZ: Philly Man Kills Stepfather Over Gay Guest in Their ‘House of God’

New Jersey prosecutor has accused 23-year-old Christian Smith of shooting his 43-year-old stepfather, Dennis McKenzie because he allegedly disagreed with McKenzie about a gay individual who had been invited to a celebration at their house, the prosecutor said.

At the time of the October 9 shooting, Smith was temporarily living in the house, located in the New Jersey township of Woolwich, with his mother and McKenzie, according to

During a celebration, McKenzie’s relative invited a friend to the house. Smith objected to the friend’s sexual orientation, Assistant Prosecutor Dana Anton said.


“He made it known to his stepfather that he did not approve of that person coming into their house,” assistant prosecutor Dana Anton said, according to He also said that “their house was a house of God.”

“The stepfather took a swing at Mr. Smith and, I believe, maybe superficially hit him,” the prosecutor said, noting that the Smith wasn’t injured.

“In response to that, Mr. Smith took out a Glock 19 that was in his waistband and shot him three times.” The victim was hit twice — once in the head, and once in the body — and died at the scene.

NY Daily

Smith was charged with first-degree murder and second-degree counts of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and possession of a weapon without a permit. He was placed in Salem County Correctional Facility pending a detention hearing.

✱Smith’s public defender said it was an accident.

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