‘Family Values’ guy, Josh Mandel, spews the ‘Big Lie’ and believes Separation of Church and State does not exist

On Sunday night, US Senate candidate from Ohio, Josh Mandel, appeared on stage with six other candidates and proceeded to regurgitate the ‘Big Lie.’

“You know Matt said he would’ve voted to certify the election,” Mandel said while referring to Dolan, who is distancing himself from Trump during his campaign.

“And I need to say something that I get attacked by the media for saying this, I get attacked by my opponents for saying this, but I believe it very strongly and so I want to say it up here: I believe the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump,” Mandel added.

The audience applauded Mandel for his false claim “at the event held in evangelical Genoa Baptist Church, where he and the other GOP hopefuls—State Senator Matt Dolan, author J.D. Vance, former Ohio GOP chair Jane Timken, and businessmen Mike Gibbons and Bernie Moreno—were vying for the nomination.”

Mandel double downed on his effort to win over the Christofascist vote by claiming our ‘Founding Fathers’ “envisioned a country where school children would be taught about God.”

Mandel, a Jewish man who has been holding events at evangelical churches throughout his campaign, also told the crowd that if elected he would go to Washington, D.C. with two documents as his guide.

“I’ll have the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other,” he said.


Before the event, Mandel tweeted out the following:

Currently, Mandel leads in the polls amongst GQP candidates. Miranda Yaver, a political science professor at Oberlin College, offered the following comment:

Mandel also claims to be one of those ‘Family Values’ guys. But, Like most hypocrites that pollute the GQP, Mandel doesn’t really practice what he preaches.

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