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I love the way the Atlantic says it: “Stop Shopping“. . . . . .

Black Friday, NYC Toy Store, pre-Pandemic

America, the holidays are here. The supply chain is broken. Blessing or curse? Whatever we hoarding inhabitants of earth may feel, the planet SMILES, blossoms, comes alive when we stop our mindless consumption of stuff, stuff stuff…..

Port of Los Angeles today

As consumers we need to appreciate the link between our own behavior and its impact on the environment. Consumers are responsible for 60-70% of all direct and indirect emissions. We can lead the change we so desperately want.

Impact varies, depending on income level. There is at least a 10-fold difference in carbon footprint between low- and high-income households. According to Global Demographics, 21% of households represent 61% of total global income. A household qualifies as high-income globally, when it makes $38,000 or more annually.

Hence, the need for all high-income, high-spend consumers to select, buy and use all goods in a way that matches our climate ambitions – particularly if your household spends $38,000 or more annually.


Uh-Oh. . . . .I took the Footprint Calculator quiz, and I see that if everybody lived like I do, we’d need 5.7 Earths to supply the resources I overuse–the energy, the fossil fuels for transport, the housing (also fossil fuels), food. . .

As with any online carbon calculator, ours includes some margin of error due to the difficulty and imprecision inherent in measuring the carbon dioxide (CO2) output of your morning commute or your dietary decisions, for example. Therefore, we combine the best available data and a range of informed assumptions to form the basis of our calculations and to provide you an emissions estimate you can rely on — and begin to neutralize.

Because this is a personal carbon calculator, it does not account for emissions related to commercial or industrial energy or transportation. Our focus is on those everyday variables you can influence the most — namely, your residential energy, personal travel, and dietary emissions.
Rubbermaid tubs and cardboard boxes, welcome to an American garage. . . . .

So we want to save the planet? Cut down on the use of fossil fuels, balance out the O2 and CO2 levels in the air we breathe, our dietary health, our over production of plastics?

We stop shopping.

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Source: The Atlantic Footprint Calculator Carbon Emissions Calculator