‘World’s Scariest Criminal’ With Face Covered In Tattoos Tried To Rape Sleeping Woman

On May 30, Michael Campbell, a 46-year-old registered sex offender, allegedly pulled down a woman’s pants and underwear as her boyfriend lay asleep next to her. Campbell then proceeded to grind his body against hers, documents filed in Greene County, Missouri stated.

The boyfriend woke up and chased Campbell out of the residence. Campbell reportedly fled from the premises on a blue bicycle. When police asked him about the accusation, he denied wrongdoing. He said the woman had made sexual advances towards him in a bathroom, but he “told her no” because he “had a curfew and needed to leave,” The Smoking Gun reported.


Campbell’s face and body are almost entirely covered in black tattoos. His facial tattoos include a pentagram on his forehead, Celtic knots on his cheeks and temples, as well as a pit bull and a large polka dot bowtie on his throat. Prosecutors noted that several of Campbell’s tattoos show evidence of his possible white supremacist beliefs.

Last year, Campbell was charged and convicted with property damage, assault, and violating a protection order, and sentenced to six months in prison. In July 2018, he was charged with third-degree assault after repeatedly punching another man in the face for not flushing the toilet after using it, reports cited. In 1995, at 20 years of age, Campbell was convicted of attempted assault in the first degree after trying to rape a 14-year-old girl in Denver, Colorado. Back then, he was ordered to stay away from places where children could meet up to play, as part of his conviction. He was, however, arrested for being within 500ft of a public pool or playground in 2011.

International Business Times

When police subsequently contacted Campbell, he was riding a gold bicycle that “appeared to have been freshly painted,” with “blue and purple paint under the gold paint.” 

The Smoking Gun

Felony Complaint

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