Bannon Associate Questioned By January 6 Investigators

A conservative activist linked to Steve Bannon and the We Build The Wall crowdfunding effort was privately questioned by congressional investigators looking at the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

Bannon and three others were charged in New York with defrauding donors in the funding scheme.

Dustin Stockton has not been subpoenaed or charged with any wrongdoing, but has been linked to the investigation after heavily promoting the January 6 rally. Stockton has defended some of the militia groups linked to the insurrection.


Stockton also told ProPublica that fundraisers had boasted of as much as $3 million raised in support of the January 6 rallies.

Caroline Wren, a former top fundraiser for the Trump campaign, managed distribution of some of the money raised to support the rally. She told Stockton that she sent funds to a number of political organizations backing the event at a meeting at the Willard Hotel on January 5.

Wren boasted to Stockton that she had “parked” unspecified amounts of money for Jan. 6 at an arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association, at the Tea Party Express and at Turning Point, a collection of affiliated nonprofits that serve young Republicans.

More details on those fundraising efforts at ProPublica, and OpenSecrets.