Montana’s AG Sent a State Trooper to a Hospital After Doctors Refused a COVID-19 Patient Ivermectin

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen

When a Montana hospital refused to treat an 82-year-old COVID-19 patient with the drug ivermectin earlier this month, a state trooper showed up and doctors got “harassed and threatened” by three different public officials, the hospital told local media outlets.

The patient at the center of the dispute had been admitted to St. Peter’s Health in Helena in mid-October, and was put on a treatment plan that was “not working,” according to a Facebook post from the Montana Federation of Republican Women.

The post added that the patient requested a prescription for ivermectin, but was denied by the hospital. When she obtained a prescription from an outside doctor, the hospital told her she would have to check out if she wanted to take it, the post said.

A county official said the state’s attorney general didn’t have the authority to send the trooper to the hospital.

Democrats want an investigation.


The Daily Beast

She should’ve listened to Dr. Fauci !

Who should be the next senator from California?

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