Florida Surgeon General Refuses to Mask Up for State Senator With Cancer

"Can't Communicate Clearly"

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo refused to wear a mask at the request of a Florida State Senator with breast cancer because he “can’t communicate clearly and effectively” with his face covered, according to a Tweet on Tuesday.

Criticism was bipartisan, including calls for DeSantis to withdraw the nomination of Ladapo as Surgeon General. Both are against mask and vaccine mandates, but Ladapo has voiced doubt about the efficacy of vaccines, and has refused to say if he has been vaccinated himself.

Ladapo’s salary as Florida Surgeon General is $250,000, and also receives a salary of $262,000 as a professor at the University of Florida.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution states that Ladapo can remain Surgeon General for two years without a Senate confirmation.

Additional sourcing at FloridaPolitics and here.