Rick Wiles: Covid Vaccines Were Sent by ‘Satan Himself’ to ‘Alter the Creation of Mankind’

“It is a symptom suppressor, but more than anything else, it is changing your DNA,” Wiles said. “I don’t have anything against polio vaccines, measles vaccines — those are vaccines, this is not a vaccine … the mRNA, it’s a messenger RNA vaccine.”

“You will never be the same person you were before you got vaccinated,” he continued. “They’re putting something in you that changes your body. And this is the beginning. They’re not gonna go back in time after this. It’s going to be one after another.”

Wiles said the vaccine is from “Hell itself” and that it “takes control of your DNA.” He also said that the vaccine, is not a vaccine, but an “operating system.”

“God have mercy on your souls for what you men are doing. This is Satan himself bringing forth a diabolical scheme to alter the creation of mankind.”

The evangelical Christian pastor contracted COVID-19 in May after describing the COVID-19 vaccines as “global genocide.”


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