Talko Tuesday: November 02, 2021

Happy November my favorite month of the year!

We still don’t know as of yet if we want to host a vaccinated only, Thanksgiving dinner. We’re talking about it but not quite completely convinced that it’s a good idea. We both have some hesitation and it’s impossible to predict the weather this far out, obviously.

If we knew that it would be this lovely, fall day with maybe just a hint of a crispy chill in the air, we would definitely consider it since we could actually hang out outside. We have outdoor heaters and I could easily get a fire pit, which I’ve always wanted anyway. Of course, we would have to do everything early because it will get dark way early. But, there are these things called outdoor lights that are sold pretty much in every big, box store and online.

My BFF is even more of a way in advance planner than I am. I’m still going to either roast or BBQ a turkey, weather permitting (no, we don’t put BBQ sauce on a turkey, you ignorant, illiterate, racist, and ‘fullish’ MAGAt) but…we decided we’re making a seafood paella as well. Forget the stuffling, although I love stuffing. We’re doing paella instead…her suggestion.

So, I know it’s early and way too early to be talking about Thanksgiving for some folks, my husband being one of them; he’s no help. But, what are some of your family traditions? I mean, some people don’t like turkey. So, what do you do instead?

When I ate meat, I loved turkey and could hardly wait for a big, Thanksgiving Day dinner. I ate a lot of Italian food growing up…Who am I kidding?!?! I still do! But, turkey (tacchino…yes, I had to confirm the spelling) is not that common in Italian cuisine. In fact, my grandmother didn’t get the whole turkey thing; that was something my mom cooked when I was a kid. My dad always talked about how they ate chicken for Thanksgiving….chicken and a pasta of some sort. Kind of what they had pretty much every Sunday or pretty much most of the week. Thanksgiving, as we know it, is definitely and American thing.

Anyway, enjoy your Tuesday; at least it’s not Monday. Don’t be a ‘stumbling block’ to progress in ridding or at least controlling this deadly disease so we don’t have to contemplate getting together for the holidays with our families and friends in the future. Mask up, especially when near or around a MAGAt. In fact, I hope you don’t have to deal with any family members who are MAGAts this holiday season; they’ll definitely ruin it for everyone involved. That is really what I’m most thankful of…NO MAGAts exist in my family and circle of friends, thankfully.

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