CA Teacher Treats Her Students to a MAGAt Rant

“People need to wake up and see the government has way too much power right now,” the teacher can be heard saying on the recording.

During a US History class, a Ventura, CA, middle-school teacher provided her students with a tirade of unhinged MAGAt talking points ranging from Trump’s still president to Hunter Biden ‘having sexual intercourse with his own niece,’ and misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines. She even told her students, “If you have a baby in the hospital, they don’t want to give it back if you’re not vaccinated. This is a complete power control threat.” 

Sarah Silikula, the parent of the eighth grader who recorded the comments, was stunned when her son got in the car and accused his parents of lying to him.

‘Dad, teachers know everything. She’s right, dad. You’re wrong.

The Silikulas taught their son that if he felt uncomfortable about something, to take out his phone and start recording the incident; he did just that.

Listen below courtesy of KCAL:

The school district said they did conduct an investigation into the incident and that they do not condone the discussion that took place. They also told CBSLA that they are following the “progressive discipline policy” as agreed to with the teachers’ union.

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