Coffee Talk

Good morning and welcome to Thursday at NewsViews and Coffee Talk, where we can shoot the breeze, chew the fat, blather or bloviate on the topics of your choice.

It’s a free chat zone, designed for sharing random thoughts.

In case your thoughts this early in the day are excessively random, Coffee Talk is here to help you get your focus while the morning’s cup of Joe or a similar caffeinated medium warm your synapses. We’ve got a suggested topic to talk about, to think about.

Today’s Topic:

This week I saw my first seasonal snowflakes, while some locations just a couple of hours north of me saw record November snowfall. Ugh.

Winter is coming, as if pandemic circumstances aren’t depressing enough!

What do you do in the winter months to keep your sanity?

Everyone needs an outlet for relieving stress and bringing light into long, dark days. Do you alter your exercise routine? Pick up a creative or practical hobby? Read or write more, cook more, play more games?

Chat it up, friends, we have a great forum to help inspire others to enjoy winter, in all of its cold, dark wonders.

Okay, it’s really all about inspiring me. It looks like it’s coming early here, and it’s looking to be a doozy.

Happy Thursday, I need another cup to think about it.