‘Doctor’ Oz considers running for the US Senate

‘Dr.’ Oz claimed he “received encouragement” to run for retiring US Senator Pat Toomey’s Pennsylvania’s Senate seat; Oz lives in New Jersey.

According to PennLive, Oz if a native of Ohio…figures.

Oz, an avid ‘superspreader’ of COVID-19 misinformation, has his own medical advice show and often. appears on Fox ‘News’ where he can really and freely spread his COVID-19 misinformation.

If ‘Dr.’ Oz, whose real name is Mehmet Oz and who was born in Turkey, jumps into the PA Senate race, he would join GOP candidates Sean Parnell, a failed House candidate who is a strong supporter of TFG, and businessman Jeff Bartos.

A spokesman for Oz told the right-wing Free Beacon newspaper that Dr. Oz has received encouragement to run for the U.S. Senate, but is currently focused on our show and has no announcement at this time.

NY Daily News:

PennLive also quoted the Washington Free Beacon‘s report that:

“… Oz doesn’t own property in the state: “Oz’s principal connection to Pennsylvania appears to be his graduate education at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned both medical and business degrees in the 1980s.

“He owns a mansion — and is registered to vote — in neighboring New Jersey and bought a vacation home in Palm Beach, Fla., in 2015, according to public records. He does not own property in Pennsylvania, at least under his own name.”

However, the Beacon adds, Oz is registered to vote as a non-permanent Pa. resident in Montgomery County, an address that appears to belong to his mother-in-law.

Here are eight times Oz made misleading or downright false scientific claims.

Oz served as one of TFG’s health advisers. TFG was bigly impressed with Oz’ false claims on MAGAts’ favorite, yet unproven, ‘cure’ for the deadly virus COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine.

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