Roger Stone wants to freeze his sperm for Laura Loomer because the ‘freedum movement’ needs more ‘warriors’

Roger Stone took to Wing Nut World’s favorite social media platform, Gab, to announce he wants to freeze his sperm to father a child with anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist and Right Wing Nut Job (RWNJ) Laura Loomer.

 “Since I don’t have a biological heir and because the freedom movement needs future warriors I am going to freeze some of my sperm in case Laura Loomer decides to bear my child sometime in the future.” 

It appears Ms. Loomer might be open to the idea of carrying Stone’s love child:

“What are we going to name the warrior baby @RogerJStoneJr?”

Stone later posted another message reading: “Here is a headline you will never see ‘Laura Loomer announces her intention to carry Roger Stone‘s baby invitro and convert to be a Methodist.”

Since the Former Guy commuted Stone’s federal prison sentence, Stone has considered running for governor of Florida if Governor DeSantis “…doesn’t not order an audit of the 2020 election to expose the fact that there are over 1 million phantom voters on the Florida voter rolls in the Sunshine state….”

Loomer also has political aspirations. After pimping the Big Lie that the election was stolen from TFG, Loomer is running to represent Florida’s 11th congressional district because what Congress really needs right now are more RWNJs.


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