Coffee Talk

Good Thursday morning and Happy Veterans Day, a day when our infamous Postmaster General Louis DeJoy can’t take the blame for your undelivered mail.

Welcome to Coffee Talk where we can generally shoot the breeze without blowback — feel free to freely chat in today’s Free Chat forum. Decaf is discouraged here so that we can prepare to knuckle down on the newsy issues of the day.

While our thoughts are waking, Coffee Talk offers a warm-up topic of the day.

Today’s Topic:

We’ve come to know some of our readers’ domesticated companions by name. There’s Pixel, Velcro, Cary Grant, and Athena (aka The Striped Shithead) who occasionally make the news here at NewsViews.

We were also introduced this week to another feline character with an interesting name. Thoughts and prayers to Marmalade Cruz.

What are some clever names you’ve heard of or dubbed your own pets?

I grew up with so many pets (often in multiples) that I can’t remember them all by name. My sister is the family historian of our pets, being able to name each one in correct succession. This is probably due to the fact that she was the one who named most of them, and I might add that many did not have clever or original names. We sufficed with Tom, Tabby, and Lassie, just to list a few.

So while we’re getting our thoughts in order to solve more important world problems, drop us some witty monikers to muse.

Or not…….

What’s going on today?