First Blizzard warnings of the Season Issued in Upper Midwest

The first significant winter storm of the season is on its way for many across the Dakotas and Minnesota. Blizzard conditions are likely as winds increase to over 30 to 40 mph across this region, where temperatures will plummet to below average.

Heavy rain will fall on the warmer side of this storm system and eventually swing through the Northeast by the early weekend, prompting the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) to issue a Marginal Risk — level 1 of 4 — for excessive rain Friday.This strengthening and wide-ranging weather system will move east from Omaha to New York City.

This developing storm system will usher in enough cold air to create snow farther to the north. A snowstorm with significant impacts is forecast across the upper Midwest from Thursday evening into Friday.

“Much of the Upper Midwest is under some sort of winter alert as the season’s first significant snowfall is forecast,” CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen says

Source: CNN