Rittenhouse Defense Witness Is a Political Livestreamer

Drew Hernandez testified on Thursday in the Rittenhouse trial describing the video he took during the riot in August 2020, showing the altercation between Rittenhouse and Mr. Rosenbaum, who was killed in the conflict.

Hernandez, a self-described “professional commentator” who works for Real America’s Voice, repeatedly referred to protesters in Kenosha as “antifa” and Black Lives Matter members and said those people initiated the conflict that led to two people being killed.

Hernandez said Rittenhouse tried to de-escalate the situation that led to Rittenhouse being charged with homicides. Hernandez stated that Rittenhouse successfully de-escalated the situation because the rioters dispersed.

Hernandez claimed that “rioters initiated that conflict” in Kenosha on the night of August 25, 2020, and had agitated “individuals with long-arm rifles” on top of a building. He said they were screaming at the rifle-holders, “You ain’t the police, you ain’t the police.”

Hernandez made an appearance on Fox News after his testimony as an “independent journalist.”

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