Houston Hospital CEO Denies Doctor’s Claims About Unvaccinated Patients Being Treated Differently

M.D. Suspended for Treating Only Unvaccinated Patients

Houston Methodist Hospital CEO Marc Bloom said he was offended by claims from Dr. Mary Bowden that the hospital would not treat unvaccinated patients.

Bowden, an M.D. and an ear, nose, and throat doctor had her privileges suspended by Houston Methodist after learning that she planned to treat only unvaccinated COVID-19 patients at her private practice. Bowden is vaccinated, and says she is not anti-vax.

Houston Methodist said Bowden has had privileges for less than a year and had never admitted a patient. 

Bloom also said she was spreading misinformation about vaccines and treatments, when she tweeted in October that ivermectin works. On Nov. 10 she tweeted, “Ivermectin might not be as deadly as everyone said it was. Speak up!” She also slammed vaccine mandates as “wrong” on her account.

NBC, Local source