Armored Truck Drops Cash on I-5 in Carlsbad — Drivers Stop to Scoop it Up

CHP Sgt. Curtis Martin told reporters that the truck had been headed from San Diego to an office of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., commonly known as the FDIC. It’s not clear which office the truck was headed to; the FDIC has offices in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

“One of the doors popped open and bags of cash fell out,” he said. “One of the bags broke apart, and there was cash all over the lanes.”

Bystander video shows bills scattered across the lanes, and several people grabbing cash as fast as they could.

✱CHP Sgt. Curtis Martin says that the California Highway Patrol is working with the FBI, so better give the money back.

✱At least 2 people have been arrested.

The San Diego Union Tribune

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