Post Rittenhouse Trial: A Right Wing Extremist Gets His Wings

In an already divided and polarized nation, the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial just divided and polarized us even further. Those of us who truly believe we are all created equally and wish to be treated as such felt outraged, but not shocked, after the verdict was read because a right wing extremist, who took the law into his own hands, walked away ‘free as fuck.’ We just witnessed a court of law give the green light to vigilante justice.

Gee, maybe defunding the police isn’t a bad idea, after all, since this case, George Zimmerman, and others have rendered the police useless. Alls we need are a bunch of armed seventeen year olds patrolling our streets, looking for trouble and not good trouble, and we’re good to go, right? I feel safer already, especially since one of those non-sworn in cops doubles as an EMT who can administer first aid if needed. No education required just the desire to intimidate and terrorize others. The longer the gun and the more rounds of ammo one carries, the better. We don’t need Free Speech and the Right to Assemble anyway.

Then there’s the far right who idolizes this little puke. Many of whom also claim to be God fearing Christians but ignore the fact that Blubbering Kyle took the lives of two people and severely injured another. I guess Right Wing Jesús doles out forgiveness cards to Nazi pukes looking to gun down protesters, especially Black Lives Matter protesters because…well, black, although Kyle’s VICTIMS were all white. OMG! Where’s the faux outrage for all this white on white crime?!

***Have you no shame, hypocrites?!

Kyle will begin his Free as Fuck tour by joining the Grand Poobah of White Supremacy, Tucker Carlson, on Monday evening. Apparently, Tucker and Kyle have been working on a documentary since the trial started. That, alone, should tell us what we need to know about Little Kyle Long Gun’s real motives and intentions.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Behind the scenes, there’s been a film crew from Fox News documenting Rittenhouse and his defense team throughout the high-profile case. 

Rittenhouse’s attorney threw the camera crew out of the courtroom several times:

Mark Richards, an attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, on Friday said he threw Tucker Carlson’s film crew “out of the room several times” while it was chronicling the case for one of the Fox News personality’s “Originals” series on Fox Nation.

“I did not approve of that,” Richards told CNN’s Chris Cuomo after Rittenhouse’s acquittal of all charges relating to the shooting deaths of two men and wounding of another during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.

Not to be outdone by Tucker, another White Supremacist threw his ‘weight’ behind Little Kyle Long Gun:

***Another bigly concept MAGAts do not grasp: Not Guilty does not mean innocent.

But wait! There’s more:

Rep. Cawthorn Tells Followers to ‘Be Armed, Be Dangerous’ After Rittenhouse Verdict

“Kyle, if you want an internship, reach out to me.”

***Please feel free to share your views on the verdict, vigilante justice, our wonderful legal system, etc. But do not turn this discussion into Bible Study. Please do not quote scripture or turn this into a discussion on religion.

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