Free Chat Friday, Week 47

Happy Friday News Viewers — Day after Thanksgiving, and today I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is over for another year. . . .We call this “Black Friday,” a day for shopping and deals; I’m reclaiming the phrase Black Friday, because some of the coolest things in the universe are black, and they have nothing to do with retail, acquisition, hoarding, or excess. . . .

Today we take back black, a rich and comforting color which some say is the absence of visible light. Others say, however, black is black because it is has absorbed all visible light–black takes it in, black includes, black encompasses.

I think of obsidian, a rock which contains within its shine the volcanic energy from the earth’s center; I think of black holes in space which contain so much gravity that what goes in is forever changed, absorbed, the space twin of the Refiner’s Fire, alchemy of black, absorbing all light. I think of my mother’s black hair, still barely gray on the day she died; my crazy black cat, the diva who contains either all mysteries or great vacancy, who can tell?

Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee

No shopping for me today, I have enough stuff. But it’s my Black Friday regardless, a day of gratitude for the non-Madison Avenue black, a color which absorbs, surrounds and encircles, like a black leather jacket. Let’s chat freely on this Black Friday, here we absorb it all, take it in and become that naturally occurring phenomenon that is News Views Black Friday that has nothing to bogus bargains or flashy ads. That being said, what’s happening in your world?