Coffee Talk

Good Thursday to you, NewsViewers! Coffee Talk is here to help you warm up for the day, literally and conversationally.

It’s been a busy week full of news to discuss, but consider freely chatting it up with us here if you need some cat chat, snow reports, or if you find we’re not covering the news you want to talk about.

We also offer a topic of discussion in case you’re at a loss for words or thoughts. Grab your mug, fill it up, and let’s “get back” to a Throwback Thursday.

Today’s Topic:

There is a three-part, eight-hour documentary being streamed on Disney+ of never before seen footage of The Beatles and the making of the album Let It Be. The documentary “Get Back” chronicles the creative process of the song writing and the relations between the Fab Four as they write 14 songs in 14 days, culminating in a live roof top performance.

I’ve made it through about half of the series, and I’ve found it fascinating and I have found new respect for McCartney’s songwriting genius.

Who is your favorite Beatle?

Okay, so some of us might not give one flip about the Beatles, or their music.

If not, what artist or band’s influence on contemporary music do you appreciate?

There are artists whose music seems timeless, and artists who inspired others — and artists who inspire us on a personal level.

Let’s caffeinate together and share some notes about music this morning, music lovers……

Has anyone else caught “Get Back?”

Let’s do Thursday.