Boebert Says She Apologized to Ilhan Omar Because of Her Christian Faith

Lauren Boebert says she has moved past her Islamophobic comments calling Ilhan Omar a terrorist from the Jihad Squad, and believes she should receive the same “redemption and forgiveness” she offers others out of her Christian heart.

“I didn’t apologize to the Muslim community to appease Ilhan Omar or the rest of the Squad. I did that for me, and my faith, my constituents, the people I was here to serve, and I certainly don’t want to offend anyone’s religious beliefs.


Five Democratic caucus chairs, along with 36 other progressive members of Congress, have called for Boebert to be removed from her committees.

“Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has absolutely failed in leading his caucus to condemn hatred and bigotry, much less to maintain any basic standards of decency within the halls of Congress,” the five Democratic leaders wrote. “He is unwilling or unable to control his own members from inciting violence against other Members of Congress or encouraging bigotry and hatred. If he cannot lead his own caucus, he certainly will never be able to lead the House of Representatives.”


*No scripture/proselytizing, please