Free Chat Friday, Week 48

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and here we are in the 48th week of a 52 year long 2021 or some would say a 104 week long 2020. The top collection of cartoons are a few from the first week of December a year ago.

Sometimes it seems “the more things change, the more they really haven’t. . .” as they say. I reference the corner Ivanka and Jared toon in the corner right, since they seem to have surfaced looking hale and hearty, glistening richly at some kind of function. What’s the source of their shiny and ongoing wealth after their year long Run of Shame?

And from this week in the news, 2021:

RGB version
December 2, 2021: The Constant

This is Friday’s free chat here on NV; welcome to share and share alike, whatever is on your mind. On my mind today? Bullets, Omicron and Thought Disorders, all pandemics of a sort, really, especially when the thought disorder is Patriarchal Authoriarianism. So much that is deadly flows from this one, it has proven far deadlier than viral pandemics and gun deaths altogether. It is “the worm at the core”. . . . 🍎🍎🍎

Feel free to chat and chat alike, it’s free flowing but still civil; lack of civility and the presence of trollish nonsense messes with what little serenity we have left, so NO thank you.. Another way to put it? Bobo wouldn’t like it here. . . .😁😁