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Happy Monday News ‘Viewers, and welcome to Free Range, our Monday Free Chat with a focus on the planet and all things existing on, above and beneath the surface. Today we look ahead because frankly looking at the here and now has become exhausting. I don’t know about you, but I am SO tired of being righteously indignant every hour of the day. The most recent, the latest, the most fringe lunatic behavior from extremists and radicals and rage-meisters has become like nails on a chalkboard — unbearable.

So we look into the distance past climate change, past right wing screechers, past evangelical preachers, past incel marchers, past gun toting legislators; I want to look way way past STUPID, and remember those surviving NON-Stupids may be on the right track in thinking outside the box into the future — cities, towns, and country choosing to sustain themselves, utilize sun and wind to function, give the giant bird to fossil fuels and live on a healing rather than sick planet.

Clean water means bringing nature back into urban life; Barcelona is pictured; Copenhagen has urban swimming pools.

Pictured above: Some of the technologies we already use which can enable us to create sustainable cities for the future: From the top: Wind/solar power for light, heat; GPS technology/ Smart phones; the Human Genome Project, genetics study especially in areas of health; elevators for vertical travel; quantum computing for speed/logistics to enable smart cities (there are many more tech areas we have now for the development of sustainable life in the future.

Linked hybrid buildings, mobility is the focus
Smart roads and self-driving cars, electric, think Trolley’s but with the tracks underneath and Smart
Gardening vertically
The Volocopter flying car, new style fleet vehicle for commuters
The environment comes first. Nature within cities to increase quality of air, increase standard of living. South Korea, example.

Monday. Our day to look ahead, inject a little hope into the daily quagmire of bad news. This is an open forum so share and share alike, your topic, your day, your experience, your thoughts. So let’s talk, what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Source: Urban Hub