TGF admits he fired James Comey to save his own, Orange Ass

In an interview with Fox ‘News’ host Mark Levin, TFG pretty much admits to firing former FBI Director James Comey to save his own, sorry ass.

“Don’t forget, I fired Comey. Had I not fired Comey, you might not be talking to me right now about a beautiful book of four years at the White House, and we’ll see about the future. The future is going to be very interesting.” 

TFG appeared on the perpetual whiner’s show to promote a new picture book from his one term in the White House. Critics have zoned in on TFG’s latest admission and accused him of obstructing justice. The Mueller report outlines several instances where TFG may have obstructed justice; firing Comey was one of them. However, Mueller declined to charge TFG at the time because something about a sitting president cannot be indicted. 

The Hill:

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