Wingnut Lawyer John Eastman Says He Must Comply With J6 Committee Subpoena

John Eastman, right-wing lawyer and writer of the six-page memo that outlined steps for Mike Pence to decertify the 2020 election, told Tucker Carlson Monday night that he had to comply with the Congressional subpoena issued to him last month.

“Why comply?” asked Tucker Carlson. “I mean, honestly, at this point, look, if it’s totally fake. This is just some Soviet show trial, which it is, why would the rest of us have any kind of obligation to play along with it, honestly?”

Eastman said there was no going around Congress, who had the power to issue criminal contempt, as they did with Steve Bannon.

 “Normally, those don’t go anywhere and such charades as this. But the Department of Justice is fully in line. And, you know, they’ve already brought one criminal indictment against one of the people that refused to comply.”

Watch the exchange here:

The memo written by Eastman, working with Trump lawyers, laid out the plans for Mike Pence to throw out electors from seven states, overturning the results of the election.

The Eastman memo laid out a six-step plan for Pence to overturn the election for Trump, which included throwing out the results in seven states because they allegedly had competing electors. In fact, no state had actually put forward an alternate slate of electors — there were merely Trump allies claiming without any authority to be electors.