Arkansas Woman, Half Brother Accused of Incestuous Relationship

Tessa Teague, 29, with lover and half brother Jacob Reidy, 18

According to a probable cause affidavit, a male went to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 3 and accused his estranged wife, identified as Teague, of having an incestuous relationship with her half brother, identified as Reidy. Teague and her husband had reportedly been separated since June, and he came across an old phone she used in his belongings. He says he powered it on, and the messenger was still active. He reportedly checked the messages and came across videos of Teague in sexual contact with another male. None of the videos showed the other male’s face, but the complainant said he spotted an identifiable tattoo and recognized the voice in one video.

Teague’s husband alleges the relationship began in May in Stone County, and then later moved to a trailer in Yellville with Reidy. The complainant said he never went inside the trailer, but one of his daughters had. The photos and videos from the phone were allegedly made in the trailer. The husband also claims Reidy was underage when the relationship began.

On Nov. 2, a deputy spoke with Teague’s mother, who reportedly claimed if the cops asked her about the incident, her daughter was going to say she and Reidy were first cousins and not half siblings. Three days later, a pair of deputies went to Teague’s residence, and she agreed to talk to them at the sheriff’s office. At the station, she reportedly said she would feel more comfortable if she had an attorney present.

Reidy spoke with the sheriff’s office later that day. Beyond saying he lived at the same residence as Tessa, he didn’t have much to say and wanted an attorney.

Bond was set at $10,000 each.


Some demographics,

Yellville’s population in 2019 was 1,155. 85% White, non-hispanic. 6% Black, 3% multiracial.


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