Free Chat Friday, Week 49

Happy Friday News Viewers on this the 49th week of 2021; this is today’s free chat where keyboard to keyboard we exchange thoughts, opinions, ideas, frustrations and solutions with each other. Any and all topics fly (within reason) the funny, the strange, the insightful, the new — it’s all Christmas around here and everything today is shiny and new.

That’s how it felt this time a year ago, remember? Biden had beaten Trump, and we were breathing a sigh of relief, knowing there was a fight ahead but also knowing we could handle that fight. Breaking free of Trump and his goons was exhilirating, and even though they didn’t go far, they dimmed in importance and they shrunk in size. Can invisibility be far behind? (That will be my top Christmas wish…)

Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee

Today’s Free Chat comes straight from blood red Florida where I’m visiting the kids. As I drove here from blood red Kentucky bumping over potholes and cracks in the road, I was struck by the bill of goods we’ve been sold by the loud and bitter raging of the voices of right wing social media and right wing broadcast 24/7 political “news” aka analysis..

This is a decaying area full of empty store fronts and Help Wanted signs. It’s hard to reconcile this with the visions of a fighting and voting force which will take down democracy. The West may be the same and if so, it’s time to “Fight Better” and shoot the ball to score rather than dribble the ball until the clock runs out.

On this Free Chat Friday, maybe it’s time to look to 2022 with an eye toward winning rather than defeat. Because life on the ground looks very different than life on the Hill — and since we are part of those voices on the ground, voices of sanity, outside the box voices, what is there to say today? Let’s talk about it. What’s going on in your world and what is on your mind? Share and share alike — isn’t that how the best ideas are born?