Massachusetts State Police Troopers Suspended Over Slip-and-Slide at Training Academy

BOSTON (CBS) – Two Massachusetts State Police troopers face discipline after an internal investigation into the “Slip ‘N Slide” video, obtained by the WBZ I-Team.

The cell phone video, taken at the New Braintree facility in October, appears to show several State Police Academy trainees emptying a water cooler jug along a dormitory hallway, while others watch. Moments later, one of the trainees in shorts with no shirt, wearing a tactical helmet and leg pads slides from one end to the other on the wet floor.

The investigation into the incident found Trooper Douglas Grout violated policy by directing trainees in actions contrary to procedures, recording audio or video against prohibitions and improper dissemination of recordings. Grout was suspended without pay for 45 days and will be ineligible for the next two sergeant promotional exams.

Boston CBS

“The outcome of the investigation reflects the seriousness with which Colonel Mason and his command staff view the code of conduct demanded of department members as well as the conduct expected of drill instructors responsible for trainees,” reads a statement from MSP to 5 Investigates.


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