Court Hearing Delayed for Former Mercer Co. Pa. Drug Task Force Coordinator

Ohio! Drugs, a Prostitute, a Dog, and Maybe a Monkey

William F. Brown, 58, of Greenville, Pa.  pleaded no contest last month in Columbiana County Municipal Court after he was arrested for engaging in prostitution and possessing criminal tools.

According to an affidavit, Brown answered an ad on a known prostitution website posted by an undercover agent from the Mahoning Valley (Ohio) Human Trafficking Task Force. The ad was purportedly from an adult female drug-dependent woman offering sex for hire.

The agent says Brown offered cash for sex, saying he was into bestiality and wanted to bring a dog to have sex with the woman before Brown had sex with her. The affidavit also alleges that Brown said it was okay for the woman to get high on drugs during the sex acts.

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According to a local blogger: 

Brown Accused Of Paying For Sex With Monkey, Dog. “Brown reportedly responded to an advertisement on a prostitution website and requested sex with a woman in exchange for money. Additionally, the conversation with the undercover officer led to Brown stating he was into bestiality and that he knew of a dog that would perform in sexual activities.”

✱ William F. Brown is also the local fire chief.

✱ News Views is attempting to verify the part about the monkey.

✱ Columbiana County, Ohio is a short drive south from the Youngstown – Warren area. Warren may best be known for it’s own bestiality problem. Warren was the first City in Ohio to enact an anti-bestiality law.

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